One thing to play with as you get more comfortable with a writing routine is the conditions in which you are the most productive. It’s important to pay attention to conditions when attempting to produce creative work so that you can figure out what works for you (so you can keep doing that) and what doesn’t (so you can stop doing that).

When you sit down to write, make a physical (not mental) note of your conditions so that when you finish what you’re working on, you can assess how the conditions helped or hindered your creative spark.

Some considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Silence vs. Chaos – do you produce more quality work when it’s silent, when there’s ambient music, when you’re in the middle of the loud city hustle and bustle, when surrounded by nature sounds, with a TV on in the background, etc.
  2. Comfortable vs. Rigid – do you prefer being on a couch under a blanket in pajamas, warm and cozy when you write? Or in an office chair at a desk like it’s official and work-based? Or do you prefer extreme discomfort for productivity, writing outside in the cold or extreme heat?
  3. Digital vs. Manual – do you write more when you write with a pen in your hand or a keyboard under your hands?

Maybe none of these things relate exactly to you but it’s important to keep tabs on what keeps you motivated so that you can recreate that condition as often as possible! Or – so that when you’re unable to recreate that condition, you don’t feel as negative about a lack of productivity!