Pick a television show, something you have watched at least once in its entirety, something you can quote, something you know really well. If there is no television show that fits the bill, choose a movie. If not a movie, pick a book.  

We’re going to work on the five paragraph essay so choose a position to argue in your essay, and write five paragraphs. The first paragraph will introduce your topic and hook in your reader. I’m writing my essay about why Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec would eventually run for and win the United States Presidency. My introductory paragraph would outline this in a catchy way. It would end with my three provable parts. 

These are the *parts* that your essay is going to *prove* and should be carefully laid out, concise, and little teasers for the paragraphs to follow. These can be laid out in one sentence – you’re going to explain them in greater detail later in the body paragraphs. 

Each body paragraph – three of them – is dedicated to one of the provable parts.  

And finally your fifth paragraph is the conclusion – a place to finally state and rest your case. It should pack a punch, be poignant, and leave your reader at least convinced in your own conviction. I like to use a poignant quotation here when I have one. In Leslie’s case, “Maybe it’s time for more women to be in charge” would be a beautiful campaign slogan that would lead seamlessly into a female cabinet when she wins.