Ok now that we have our lakes divvied up and our first drafts, I want to share some good workshopping tips before you split off tomorrow for an hour of workshop time.  

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, you must be careful with the feelings of your writing workshop partner. Consider the time you put into your own writing and the kind of feedback you do and don’t want. Make sure that when giving your partner notes, they are gracious, thoughtful, and kindly worded. A writing workshop must be considered a safe and open space where sharing is imminent and feelings are respected.  

Make sure that your own work is ready to be critiqued – consider the type of work you expect from your partner and match yours to that standard. It should be complete, legible, and you should proofread it at least once before handing it over.  

Be confident in your opinions but ready to be convinced otherwise – both with respects to your own writing and that of your partner.  

And finally, if you and your workshop partner have a disagreement always keep in mind that your writing is your writing and their writing is their writing. Ultimately the decision always goes to the penholder. Share your opinion respectfully, and move on if that opinion is not shared.