Living in Indiana, we are blessed with 234 miles of Lake Michigan access. Lake Michigan is the only great lake located entirely within the United States and is the third largest of the great lakes.  

Your assignment this week is to choose one of the great lakes – Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, or Superior – and write a 300-word short story using historical facts, current data, and your own understanding of the lake as a back drop. The story can be about whatever you want – the lake can be central to the story or merely a backdrop. You will be asked to workshop the story with a classmate as to be determined once you’ve completed your first drafts and eventually read a finished product to the class.  

This is an exercise in using geography to enrich human stories. Geography is more than just a class or a course of study. It is a context in which everything on earth – and outside of earth – happens. Strong stories lean on the geography around them to tell a compelling human story.  

Please use the comments to dibs your lake. Because there are five lakes and twenty students, please limit the number of students writing about each lake to four.